Corporate Oncology Image Study

Fielding September 2018

Medical Marketing Research, Inc. (MMRx) is pleased to announce the 2018 Corporate Oncology Image Study, our annual syndicated study designed specifically to examine how oncologists feel about the pharmaceutical and medical product companies that research, develop and market the products they use. This study, the 22nd of a series among oncologists, identifies those corporate performance attributes most important to oncologists, and examines their perceptions of pharmaceutical and medical products companies, including your company, relative to those performance attributes.

As part of your subscription to the 2018 Corporate Oncology Image Study, you will receive a full analysis and PowerPoint report that will include company rankings and ratings on over 20 separate attributes encompassing all aspects of clinician - supplier relationships. You will also receive a proprietary analysis, which will identify specific issues and trends with significant implications for your company. Remote or in-person presentations are also available at no added costs, other than travel.

This study includes a variety of proprietary metrics that help subscribers focus on those attributes most impacting performance with this specialty, and full analytical support is available for any custom analyses at no additional cost.

This study also provides information on the degree to which respondents treat various forms of cancer - breast, lung, multiple myeloma, etc. - so subscribers can look at subsets of respondents that are of particular importance to them.

In 2018, more than 20 pharmaceutical companies will be ranked and rated on each of several "customer service" attributes with results presented in PowerPoint report format. The final report is based on in-depth interviews, telephone interviews, and survey results from over 100 clinical oncologists. Aside from ranking and rating your company and its competition on each of the performance attributes, the study yields an overall ranking that is useful in tracking company performance with this specialty year after year.

The 2018 Corporate Oncology Image Study will be going to the field in September, with a comprehensive report of results available in October. Clients who subscribe prior to fielding will receive a $1000 discount off the subscription price of $17,900. In addition, early subscribers can submit 3 proprietary questions to be included in the survey at no additional cost.

For more information, please call MMR at 919 612-8594, email at, or return the following form and we will contact you.

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