MMR's Corporate Image Studies

Medical Marketing Research, Inc. conducts a series of annual syndicated and custom corporate image studies that are designed specifically to examine how physicians feel about the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies that research, develop and provide the products they use.

Each individual study consists of the results from qualitative research as well as a quantitative survey of 100 specialists in which companies are ranked and rated on each of several "company image" attributes, with results presented in report and tabular formats. The final report includes a proprietary analysis that examines your company's performance versus industry standards of customer service and physician relations, with specific recommendations for action. Aside from ranking and rating your company and its competition on each of the performance attributes, the study yields an overall ranking that is useful in tracking company performance within this specialty year after year.

In previous years, many companies have found MMR's Corporate Image Studies useful as a means of identifying key performance areas within their own organization that can be targeted for improvement, or to identify weaknesses in the performance of their competitors that may be exploited. As well, several companies have used our corporate syndicated studies to evaluate and select potential licensing or promotional/co-promotional partners.

2018 Corporate Image Studies